The Collabowriters is an experiment in creating a crowdsourced novel.

Every line in the novel is drawn from a number of submissions from users, and voted upon by the community as whole. As such, the story is written and edited by anyone and everyone together, one sentence at a time.

The project is an exploration of storytelling and the dynamics of group interaction. Will the story follow a narrative structure? Will there be character development and subplots? That's up to you to decide.

How It Works

The novel is written one sentence at a time. For each sentence, anyone can enter a submission (up to 140 characters).

Users, such as yourself, then vote on each submission, giving it a score of either +1 or -1. The submission with the highest score becomes the sentence in the novel, or at least until another submission surpasses its score.

In order to proceed to the next sentence of the novel, one of the submissions in the current sentence must receive at least a score of 5.


The Collabowriters was conceived and created by Willy Chyr.